Hirata TSUSHO (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Hirata Tongshang (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. (HTS) is a wholly foreign-owned company registered in Shanghai by Hirata Machinery Co., Ltd. Hirata machinery is a world-famous manufacturer of industrial production equipment. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hirata machinery moved to Kumamoto Prefecture in June 2016, and listed in Tokyo securities department I in June 2017. The main business of the company's products involves automobile, FPD, semiconductor, solar cell, industrial robot, electronic and electrical machinery, transport equipment, medical machinery and other fields. At present, there are seven factories in Shiga, Tochigi, Kyushu and Kumamoto. There are business offices in Tokyo, Osaka and other places. There are branches in the United States, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

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